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Visiting Keshorn’s Lighthouse

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You’re probably thinking, “What on earth could there be to say about a lighthouse?” But maybe you’ve never been to this lighthouse in particular. The Galera (Toco) Point Lighthouse, which was recently renamed the Keshorn Walcott lighthouse, stands out as a national monument in our country, maybe not for its average 70 feet stature, but rather for its enchanting views from every angle. While you have the option of sitting under the leafy almond trees around a picnic table, your trip to the lighthouse is far better served by walking down a narrow path to the jagged yet stable rocks where you can find fishermen and photographers alike taking advantage of the different wonders this lighthouse lookout has to offer. From this spot, a complete vista of our sister isle greets you. Although it may seem underwhelming during the day, give it a few hours, let the sun go down and watch as glimmer by glimmer Tobago lights up with remarkable pride. The natural beauty of our two-toned Atlantic waters and the rainbows which are blown up and away with every crash of a wave; are enough to leave even the most travelled traveller amazed. So I tempt you to venture beyond the lighthouse we all know and fear to pass, to the Galera Point Lighthouse in Toco to appreciate one of our precious island’s many gifts. Enjoy the pics!


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This entry was posted on January 30, 2013 by in Places of Interest, Trinidad & Tobago.
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