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Divali in Felicity, Chaguanas

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We know! The Local Foreigner has been slacking big time on posts. Our sincerest apologies.

Let’s chalk it up to the usual struggle that everyone faces: trying to balance life.

Stacey has been teaching English in Chile for the last few months and I’ve been transitioning into a new job. It feels like we’re in a constant state of change, but never fear, our passion and enthusiasm for exploring T & T has not waned in the least bit.

This week’s celebration of Divali, or the Hindu festival of lights, took me out to Felicity, Chaguanas, an area in central Trinidad that is well know for showcasing the lights at their finest hour. The streets were lined with deyas (small clay pots filled with coconut oil  and a wick) and Christmas lights, illuminating the streets. The entire town was aglow and buzzing with members of the Hindu community dressed in their traditional garb.  Local and foreigner onlookers mingled and wandered the streets admiring the lights.

From the moment I started traipsing through this town of Felicity, the openness and generosity of the people touched me deeply. I was first greeted by an Indian family that allowed me to take pictures of them and even invited me into their home to eat a full, traditional meal. To top it off, my send off was accompanied by several goodie bags filled with Indian sweets. This act of kindness stemmed throughout Felicity as several other families proceeded to greet me pleasantly, invite me in and feed me!

The goodness of these people proved the very symbolism of the deyas, the triumph of good over evil.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves, but seeing the lights in Felicity is a must.



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