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Cafe Marrakesh: Woodbrook’s Best Kept Secret

It’s rare to find a spot off Ariapita Avenue that allows you to escape from the fast-paced lifestyle of Port-of-Spain. Cafe Marrakesh, however, located at 45 Murray Street in Simplicity Shopping Plaza, is the perfect place to break from it all and enjoy a healthy meal. This Moroccan style cafe has a relaxed vibe and the comfortable, cushioned seating makes dining there all the more enjoyable.

Earlier this week The Local Foreigner decided to take a lunch break at Cafe Marrakesh. This special little cafe gets its name from a popular hippie hub and market in Morocco. The dim lighting, low seats and colourful interior do justice to its name and set the mood for a perfect lunchtime hideout from the chaos of the office. Cafe Marrakesh also offers free WiFi, so if you really can’t leave work at work, you can always bring it to the cafe, making it a great place for intimate business meetings.

The cafe is owned by a dynamic couple, Brett Bulling originally from Zimbabwe and Trinidadian Teri Grice. Now opened for two years, Cafe Marrakesh is a small cafe with a big heart. The idea for the cafe was born out of a lunchtime delivery service that was expanding beyond capacity due to to the great prices and even greater food. Brett and Teri made the decision to turn the tables and have people come to them when they set up shop in Simplicity Mall. They still do deliveries though, once your order is placed before 10:30 am, so if you know the office won’t spare you at lunch time, don’t cheat yourself of this treat, give them a call and have them recommend something. If you’re in Woodbrook, St Clair or  New Town, Cafe Marrakesh has an eco-friendly bicycle delivery service to lessen its carbon footprint and add to the organic appeal of the business.

Teri, who sees to the day to day operations and prepares all the meals, has made a point of knowing her customers on a personal level. While dining, we met some of the cafe’s usuals, making their very loyal customer base an indication of the cafe’s success thus far. Brett, Teri’s husband, says when it comes to cooking Teri is a real natural and The Local Foreigner agrees. He takes credit however for the brownies! For a small cafe there is good variety including toasted wraps, salads with several flavours of homemade salad dressing, lasagne, fruit smoothies to boost your health or to indulge in, sandwiches, bagels, loaded potatoes, cookies and more. Everything is moderately priced between $30-$50 which is well worth it as everything is prepared fresh. Brett and Teri buy locally, try to be organic when possible and even better, they recycle all of their waste with an up and coming recycling company called Up-to-you Environmental. This all adds up as a testament to the unique nature of this rare find of a restaurant. There are plans for expansion in Cafe Marrakesh’s future, maybe even the addition of a couple hookahs and  an outdoor patio which had The Local Foreigner giddy with excitement as the ambience couldn’t be more suited! The authentic and warm feel of this hippie feeling-underground spot, however, isn’t about to change.

So, if there’s no vacation time in your near future, take a trip down to Cafe Marrakesh on Murray Street. Hide out with a stimulating smoothie or enjoy a delicious wrap while you close your eyes and imagine yourself in a faraway land.


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