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Get Beided: Hand-crafted Wooden Jewelry made by young entrepreneurs

When a family friend approached Ryan Augustin at his grandmother’s 90th birthday mass asking to purchase the beaded necklace around his neck, a lightbulb switched on! Sometimes all it takes is a single incident to gain a moment of clarity.

Ryan, 22, commonly known as “Chuff” has always had a natural skill for business. As a child, he ran several business ventures such as making and selling mango chow, selling laptops in secondary school and selling electronics off of E-Bay and Amazon while studying abroad. Nakita Hyatali, 19, one of Chuff’s business associates jokes that Chuff is always hustling. Together, the team met with The Local Foreigner to talk to us about their up and coming business known as Beids.Beids prides itself on selling quality hand-crafted wooden jewelry.The product line includes earrings (the top seller), studs, hoops, rings, necklaces, anklets, headbands, bracelets and customized pieces. Soca artist Machel Montano is even sporting the Beids line himself! Recently, they have expanded their production to include leather shoes and sandals called Nomads.“My goal is to have my own store one day soon, and in five years I’d love to be international. I don’t want to sell my products in stores because it might devalue the product,” says Chuff, “ It’s all about our quality and maintaining that standard and I refuse to do things halfway.”

The Local Foreigner was curious to learn more about the design process and the inner workings of the business.Chuff and best friend Darnel Francois concentrate on building the website, taking orders and dealing with clients. Nakita, a past intern with well-known designer Meiling, has a history in fashion design and is now dabbling in the art of jewelry making. The Local Foreigner came to learn that Nakita and Chuff only recently met. “We started talking and that was it!” says Nakita. “It was a love at first sight,” they joked. According to Nakita,one of the biggest strengths of Beids is the team and it’s mutual understanding and respect for one others ideas and opinions.

All beads are bought locally, mostly in town. Nakita and Chuff enjoy going into town and buying the beads, often going crazy and throwing down a good bit of money for these addictively colourful beads. It’s their favourite part of the job. They both design and put together the jewelry, working out of a room in Nakita’s home. As Nakita so aptly puts it,“ The colour palette is my main squeeze. Things come to me and I just see colours.” The design process is basically to “just start” according to Chuff, who says that this bead-making business is his first stab at showcasing his creativity. The number of hours spent on manufacturing the jewelery is hard to gauge, but on average the team spends a typical day shopping for beads, working on the website/orders and crafting in the evenings for 4-6 hours. “It’s full time job and it’s worth it,” says Chuff.

At the end of the day, Chuff gets his motivation from seeing customer satisfaction and great feedback. Sales are made through their website and the Beids Facebook Page. One of Beids greatest assets is the ability to customize, so check out their website now at It’s time to Get Beided!

Usual Prices are as follows:
Chains $150-$300
Studs $30-$40
Hanging Earrings $50-$100
Hoops $50-$80
Anklets and Bracelets $100
Nomads $250-$1000


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