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Kings of the Jean Pierre Court

Last Saturday April 14th, a football tournament hosted by JAG entertainment occupied the Jean Pierre Complex in Port-of-Spain.  Originally a group nickname formed out of a “bromance” between 3 young men; Jelani Bynoe, Jonathan Jardim and Nikoli Gotha, JAG has since evolved into an event planning committee that is just under one year old. Under their belt so far are the successes of a couple parties and one previous football tournament. The Local Foreigner spoke with JAG representative, Nikoli Gotha about the “King of the Courts” tournament last Saturday. The turnout was not as expected, he noted, but those who did attend enjoyed what the tournament had to offer – cash prizes, a relaxed atmosphere, great music and a day full of the sport they love. Those who played, played vigorously to the end, and the crowd, although small, got the competitive show they were looking for.  Winners of the tournament, “Simplicity,” went home with $1500, a far greater sum than the $150 contributed by each of the 4 team members to participate in the event. So far JAG has broken even on each event they have hosted, Gotha ensured The Local Foreigner however, that JAG hopes to grow and with that growth will come prospects for charitable causes. Tournaments like these are a great way to spend a Saturday, or at least, we think so and we’re excited to attend more of them in the future!


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