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Urban Heartbeat pulses through P.O.S

Urban Heartbeat has pulsed through Port-of-Spain.

On Thursday, March 29th, the Eastern wall of the Grand Stand, Queen’s Park Savannah transformed into a work of art after this event. The Local Foreigner figured it is better late than never to highlight this unique collaboration between Abovegroup Ogilvy and the Germany Embassy introducing “Urban Heartbeat– an artistic encounter in public spaces”. Initiated by the Goethe Institut in Mexico City, the movement toured Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean from February through March, making Trinidad their last stop.

After hositng a local Urban Heartbeat contest, the winners came together to create a vibrant mural showcasing the dynamic and diverse creativity  on this island.

Walking into the Savannah, the vibe was right and the music  was pumping. Here was an opportunity to see the somewhat esoteric art scene in Trinidad. Luckily, we had a moment to snag a brief chat with Holger Beier, head of the Berlin Pop label Bungalow Records, one of the core movers and shakers of Urban Heartbeat. Beier, also a DJ, was bright-eyed and cool. So cool that he even allowed us to come between himself and doubles. We could tell he was loving every bite! Can we blame him? Beier was thrilled witht the turnout in Port-of-Spain and it’s super central location and even said that the urban street party in the Grand Stand was the biggest so far. Props to the Trinis for making this event a success.

The event was free and open to the public, providing a very relaxed and memorable atomsphere. Guests mingled with local artists and were entertained by a local capoeira group in the early part of the evening. Before switching to the full on party element of Urban Heartbeat, Jim Avignon, German artist and key collaborator, gave a spirited, masked performance. From that point forward, the DJs took stage and it was time to enjoy a full night of art, music and great company.

It was refreshing to see the art scene alive and well in Trinidad. The Local Foreigner will be keeping our eyes peeled for future events much like this one!

Congratulations to the winning artists of Urban Heartbeat 2012:

Alicia Marie

Rauel Vaquez La Roche

Kriston Banfield

Danielle Boodoo-Fortune

Marie Elena Joseph

Luis Vasquez La Roche

Richard Taylor

Richard Williams

Brianna McCarthy

Jennifer Perez Rojas

Dean Arlen


3 comments on “Urban Heartbeat pulses through P.O.S

  1. Bruce Peña
    April 12, 2012

    Great work! light funny comments. i could see where your passion is. looking forward to more posts!

    • gfoj
      April 13, 2012

      Thanks Bruce! Many more to come 🙂

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