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Waterloo’s Wonders: Lord Hanuman and the Temple in the Sea

  A morning adventure took The Local Foreigner and our photo-snapping friends to the beautiful, religious sites of Lord Hanuman and the Temple in the Sea. Shamefully, it was our … Continue reading

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Visiting Keshorn’s Lighthouse

You’re probably thinking, “What on earth could there be to say about a lighthouse?” But maybe you’ve never been to this lighthouse in particular. The Galera (Toco) Point Lighthouse, which … Continue reading

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Divali in Felicity, Chaguanas

We know! The Local Foreigner has been slacking big time on posts. Our sincerest apologies. Let’s chalk it up to the usual struggle that everyone faces: trying to balance life. … Continue reading

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An Eco-Adventure: Hiking to the Avocat Waterfall and 3-Pools

This month The Local Foreigner celebrated our Labour Day holiday discovering two of Trinidad’s beautiful natural attractions, the Avocat Waterfall and 3-Pools. Early to bed and early to rise, The … Continue reading

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Cafe Marrakesh: Woodbrook’s Best Kept Secret

It’s rare to find a spot off Ariapita Avenue that allows you to escape from the fast-paced lifestyle of Port-of-Spain. Cafe Marrakesh, however, located at 45 Murray Street in Simplicity Shopping … Continue reading

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Get Beided: Hand-crafted Wooden Jewelry made by young entrepreneurs

When a family friend approached Ryan Augustin at his grandmother’s 90th birthday mass asking to purchase the beaded necklace around his neck, a lightbulb switched on! Sometimes all it takes … Continue reading

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You’re Art, Mail’s Art, It’s all ART…

  You’re Art, Mail’s Art, It’s all ART……..Or at least that was the concept that gallery director and curator Raquel Vasquez LaRoche, a recent Urban Heartbeat winner, had in mind. … Continue reading

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Stuck in time: Saving our Magnificent Seven

On Saturday, April 21st, The Local Foreigner felt it was important to attend Save the Magnificent Seven Flower Day 2012, in support of the restoration of Trinidad and Tobago’s historical … Continue reading

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Hashing with the P.O.S Hash House Harriers

Every other Saturday afternoon around 3:30 pm, the P.O.S Hash House Harriers comes together in a large group at a determined location to trek through the tropical rainforest following trails, … Continue reading

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Kings of the Jean Pierre Court

Last Saturday April 14th, a football tournament hosted by JAG entertainment occupied the Jean Pierre Complex in Port-of-Spain.  Originally a group nickname formed out of a “bromance” between 3 young … Continue reading

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